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CfP: Standardised Package and Costing Elements for Community-Based Support Services

TB Europe Coalition announces two calls for individual consultants for the following activities: To develop Standardized package of supportive community-based services to improve TB outcomes To develop Costing Elements for... More
Photo of Alesia Matusevych

The new GTBC regional manager for Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Many of you will already know the Global TB Caucus and the fantastic Tsira Chakhaia, who has been the Regional Manager for Eastern Europe and Central Asia for the last... More

What does TBPeople Ukraine do?

TBEC Board Member, Olya Klymenko is, in addition to many other commitments, Chair of the Board for TB People Ukraine. Today, she will share a little information about TB People... More

TBEC Participation in the EU HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and Tuberculosis Civil Society Forum Meeting

The biannual face-to-face meeting of the EU HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and Tuberculosis Civil Society Forum (CSF) took place on 17-18 June in Luxembourg. The forum has been established by the European... More

LHL International’s work in Norway

LHL International are a member of the TB Europe Coalition. In Norway, approximately 90 per cent of those who become ill come from countries with a high incidence of TB.... More

The TB Europe Coalition is a regional advocacy network of civil society organisations and individuals from across the WHO Europe region, comprising Western and Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia. The network aims to strengthen the role of civil society within the regional response to tuberculosis (TB), and ensure political and financial commitments to end TB.

Established in 2009, TBEC is now increasingly recognised as the voice of the civil society across the WHO Europe Region.

The TB Europe Coalition has two key areas of focus: first, to support civil society organisations and activists in their advocacy and service delivery roles at national level, and second, to coordinate and carry out evidence-based TB policy advocacy for quality people-centred care at regional and international level.

If you are interested in joining the coalition, please contact us at