The regional educational workshop “Strengthening the capacity of representatives of civil society and TB-affected communities for expert participation in the National TB Programmes Review”, organised by TB Europe Coalition and the WHO Regional Office for Europe was held during 17-19th October 2022.

During the event the participants learned:

  •  the way the NTP review is conducted and at what stage the CSOs and effected communities could be engaged;
  •  the guiding principles and key areas of the WHO framework approach to NTP reviews;
  •  learned in detail the terms of reference and discuss practical examples of the participation of CSO and TB-affected communities’ experts in the NTP review;
  •  considered the role of MAF-TB in strengthening the country multisectoral monitoring, reporting and review processes for TB control.

In addition, during the group work and discussions, colleagues had a chance to discussed practical steps in data collection and analysis, and also got acquainted with the practical experience of the countries of the EECA region in terms of monitoring, reporting and review of TB response measures.

We are grateful to our speakers for their forceful presentations, those are Sayohat Hasanova (Technical Specialist, Joint Program on Tuberculosis, HIV and Viral Hepatitis, WHO/Europe), Naira Khachatryan (Deputy Director of the National Pulmonology Center of the Ministry of Health, Coordinator of the National TB Control Program), Yana Terleeva (Head of the TB Diagnosis and Treatment Coordination Department of the Public Health Centre of Ukraine), Oxana Rucsineanu (Programme Manager, National Association of TB Patients “SMIT”, Moldova), Paul Sommerfeld (Chair of the TBEC Board), Jonathan Stillo (Co-Chair of the TBEC Board), Jamilya Ismoilova (Regional SBC/Gender Adviser, USAID Eliminating TB in Central Asia), Nonna Turuzbekova (International Consultant), Yulia Chorna, (TBEC Consultant), Cristina Celan (Project Manager, Center for Health Policies and Studies (PAS Center)), Olya Klymenko (Chair of the Board, TBpeople Ukraine), Lyazzat Yeraliyeva (MD, DMedSci, professor, Deputy director of clinical and scientific work ”National Scientific center of phthisiopulmonology MoH RK”) and Yuliia Kalancha (TBEC Executive Director).

We wish all the participants to apply the acquired knowledge in practice efficiently!

* * *

Workshop is organized within the framework of the Community, Rights and Gender Strategic Initiative funded by the Global Fund. Community Rights and Gender Strategic Initiative (CRG-SI) funded by the Global Fund and the European Union project Enhancing the Capacity and Capability of European Civil Society to Drive a Person-Centred TB Response in Europe.

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