The TB European Coalition finished the pilot mentoring program aimed to develop the leadership capacity for civil society and TB affected communities.

Over the past 3 months, mentors from the TB Europe Coalition within the program ““3C to End TB: Competence, Confidence, Change”, have held a series of mentoring sessions with three leaders of civil society organizations from Azerbaijan, Belarus and Uzbekistan.

For developing sustainable and effective CSOs and TB communities, as well as strengthening partnerships between them and national TB programs, TBEC has developed a program for their leaders to use and strengthen organizational and interpersonal skills: leadership skills, effective communication skills, conflict resolution and problem solution. The pilot used a results-based supportive coaching approach.

Sergey Uchayev from Uzbekistan talks about his participation in the program: “After the sessions as part of the mentoring program, I began to interact a little differently with the team, express my opinion less emotionally, and listen more to my colleagues. In general, communication with colleagues has improved. It is already easier to delegate some of my tasks to colleagues. ”

The main focus of the TBECT’s Mentoring Program “3C to End TB” has been on the psychosocial support for developing the interpersonal skills needed to build effective partnerships and social services in the fight against tuberculosis. “Our mentor sessions included tips for developing interpersonal skills that were applicable in the context under discussion, using coaching techniques and supportive supervision to improve efficiency and to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and its practical application.” Says Maria Chuprynska, TBEC Program Manager, – “For example, participant from Uzbekistan expressed a wish that one of the sessions would be devoted to organizing and conducting sociological research, since this topic is directly related to his current education and work plans. So, we invited an expert sociologist and organized a session on the use of available information and sampling in public health research.

The main principles of the mentoring program are clearly articulated expectations of both the mentor and the student, the presence of a personal connection, shared professional and personal values. The supportive relationships are important for all activists who want to do their part and change the world for the better.

“Before the start of the program “3C to END TB” to be honestly, I did not know what mentoring was, but after that I began to get interested and I am very glad that I got into this program. It has already given me a lot. Starting from managerial skills and ending with the fact that I start to give myself more time for rest, for time with my family. “, – Sergey Uchayev summarize the results of his participation in the program, -” Of course, I would like to discuss some issues in more detail, for example, mission (mine and organization), goals (mine and organization), it would be good to allocate more time for them, it would be very interesting to understand this in detail in the future.”


The pilot mentoring program was implemented by the TB Europe Coalition within the “Challenge Facility for Civil Society” EECA grant funded by Stop TB Partnership.

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