Many of you will already know the Global TB Caucus and the fantastic Tsira Chakhaia, who has been the Regional Manager for Eastern Europe and Central Asia for the last few years. The Global TB Causus is an international network of over 2400 Parliamentarians from over 130 countries, who are working together to end TB. We often work together with the Caucus. For example, earlier this year, we organsied a webinar in Russian together on parliamentary engagement, during with Tsira gave a presentation. Tsira has sadly left the Caucus, but we are very pleased to welcome the new Manager for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Alesia Matusevych:

Let me introduce myself a little. My name is Alesia. I’m from Ukraine and had been working as an assistant to the Ukrainian Member of Parliament Mr. Serhiy Kiral for about 4 years. Mr. Kiral is also a Head of Parliamentary Platform for fighting against TB in Ukraine, as well as Eastern European and Central Asia Co-chair of the Global TB Caucus.

I decided that, while I was keen to continue fighting TB, I wanted to do so in a position which would allow me to make a greater impact on such an issue. That is why I have taken on the role of Eastern European and Central Asian regional and CSO manager for the Global TB Caucus.

I would love to leverage my knowledge received during my previous work to achieve groundbreaking results in the field of fighting against TB.

You may be already aware of the statistics of tuberculosis mortality. Therefore, I will just mention one thing: that TB kills five thousand people every day. The social and economic impacts are devastating, including poverty, stigma and discrimination. While the world has committed to ending the TB epidemic by 2030, actions and investments need political support. We need a dynamic, global, multisectoral approach.

That is why current plans of the Global TB Caucus focus all efforts to tackle TB across the region. Such a plan based on the importance of a multi-stakeholder approach to achieve the ambitious goals of fighting TB epidemic focused on people-centered care.

Please, feel free to contact me through any internet or mobile services, whatever is most comfortable for you. All my contact details are provided below.

Kind regards,

Alesia Matusevych | EECA Regional and CSO Manager | Global TB Caucus 
T: +38093 526 16 48 | E: |
Twitter: @globaltbcaucus
Skype: yulianovna1


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