An International Symposium on Screening TB and migration in Europe was held from 29 September – 1 October 2022 in Bucharest (Romania).

At the event, our colleague Lesja Khmel presented the work of the TB Europe Coalition in response to the challenges of war.

“The Russian invasion of Ukraine caused an increase in the flow of refugees from Ukraine to the neighboring countries of Eastern and Western Europe. Engagement of SCOs and communities can and should be a response to the current crisis for the countries’ national health systems in finding people with TB and in providing unified services of psychosocial support, for people with TB aimed at improving their quality of life to avoid treatment interruption, despite the move between countries”, – the speaker noted.

Ms. Khmel also focused on the relevance of adopting a unified approach in the WHO European Region using the Standardized Package of Community-Based Support Services to  Improve TB Outcomes, developed by the TBEC together with the WHO Regional Office for Europe and the PAS Center last year.

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