Traditionally TB Europe Coalition took an active part in the annual Union World Conference on Lung Health which was held in a virtual format between 8 to 11 November.

In the section for representatives of civil society and communities of Community Connect from the first day of the conference until March 31, 2022 the TBEC session “MAF-TB: joint approaches and meaningful collaboration” is available for viewing.

To watch the session follow the link:

Within the framework of the session, you can watch presentations of:

  • Sayohat Hasanova (WHO Regional Office for Europe) – “Operationalisation of MAF-TB in WHO European Region”
  • Amrita Daftary (York University, Canada) – “Methodological adjustments for MAF-TB baseline assessment”
  • Iana Terleeva (Center for Public Health, Ukraine) – “Ukrainian National Council on TB and HIV/AIDS in MAF-TB processes: engaging sectors beyond health”
  • Olya Klymenko (TBPeople Ukraine) – “TBPeople Ukraine: from conducting a baseline assessment to organizing multisectoral National dialogue”.

The session was moderated by Yulia Kalancha (TBEC) and Yulia Chorna (TB Advocate, Team Leader of TBEC Regional Experts).

Another session by TBEC within the UNION Conference in the Community Connect section which took place on 10th November 2022 was dedicated to the country adaptation of the Standardized Package of Community-Based Support Services to improve TB outcomes.

During the online event, chaired by Yuliia Kalancha (TB Europe Coalition) and Cristina Celan (PAS Center), civil society and community representatives were able to learn more about the Standardized Package of Community-Based Support Services to improve TB outcomes developed last year by WHO Regional Office for Europe, PAS Center and TBEC withing the TB REP 2.0 project.

Stela Bivol from the WHO Regional Office for Europe told the session participants about the components of the Standardized Package and their use, and also focused on the specifics of the adaptation of the document in countries, as the most important prerequisite for the implementation of social order.

The experience of adapting the Standardized Package for Moldova from a public sector perspective was shared with the participants by Diana Condratchi (NTP Coordination Unit, Moldova).

And from the standpoint of civil society, Parvana Valiyeva from “Saglamliga Khidmat” Public Union (Azerbaijan) spoke about their country’s practice in adapting the document and the important lessons learned to share with colleagues in the EECA region.

Recall, the document “Country adaptation of the Standardized Package of Community-Based Support Services to improve TB outcomes ” (the full text of the document can be found at the link describes in detail and offers templates for 12 supportive services, as well as a methodology for calculating their costs, as a practical budgeting tool.

In addition to the two sessions organised by TBEC, the Executive Director and members of the Coalition participated as speakers and moderators in partner sessions within the conference.

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