The TB Europe Coalition has published an analytical report “Opportunities for Engaging Civil Society Organizations to Ensure Sustainable TB Services in Ukraine”.

The document developed in the framework of the TB-REP 2.0 project provides a brief assessment of the readiness of the state and the TB care system in Ukraine to fully involve civil society organizations in the provision of social services related to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of TB through social contracting.

Social contracting may be implemented as a government’s social order, public procurement, providing grants for social projects, funding statutory activities of CSOs and/or individual workplaces, giving preferences or providing assets for ownership or use at preferential terms, etc., or as a combination of some or all of the above.

How social contracting and financing of CSOs is regulated in Ukraine, what is the role of non-governmental organizations in TB response, what successful examples of social contracting exist in the country today, and what advocacy efforts are needed for its widespread implementation, you can find in the Analytical report by following the link

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