Members of the TBEC Board met in Kyiv on the 21st November in Kyiv for our annual face-to-face meeting. Over the last few years, TBEC has grown exponentially and its reach has extended, however, its sustainability very much depends on donor funding. The annual board meeting allows the organisation to reflect on the year, to identify any upcoming challenges, and to plan for the upcoming period.

TBEC Board at ABMTen board members, six members of the Secretariat, and the Chair of the Oversight Advisory Committee (OAC) were all in attendance. The meeting lasted for one day and was divided into five sessions: summary of achievements in 2019 and ways forward; member needs and member engagement; board and OAC engagement; TBEC finances; and TBEC visibility, communications strategy and campaigning approach for 2020.

Overall, we are very pleased with our achievements in 2019, which vary from the technical and organisational, to programmatic expertise and international policy change. TBEC’s profile has been raised to new heights through our presence at and organisation of a number of global, regional, and in-country events. Four in-country coaching visits and/or meetings were organised this year (in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus and Bulgaria) as well as four regional meetings (one in the Balkan region, the UK study visit and two events in Ukraine). As well TBEC organized three webinars. The events addressed the aspects of people-centred TB care, human rights aspects in TB care, access to medicines, support of new WHO DR-TB treatment guidelines implementation.  Over the year we have developed and enhanced our partnerships and have a strategic presence of the Board and Secretariat members in more than ten global and regional working groups and planning committees.

This has been an important year for TBEC’s organisational development, with a number of new staff members joining the Secretariat in 2019. We are very lucky to have such an engaged and effective board and extend our appreciation to all board members. This has led to the development of various internal policies and administrative/financial procedure. The Secretariat is currently working on three different grants that are in operation, all to great success.

The Coalition would not exist without its members and we are extremely grateful to you all. We look forward to our further activity in 2020!



Board Members:

Paul Sommerfeld, UK, Chair of TBEC Board

Jonathan Stillo, USA, Co-Chair of TBEC Board

Stefan Radut, Romania, Vice-Chair of TBEC Board

Cristina Enache, Romania (by teleconference)

Nela Ivanova, Bulgaria

Olga Klymenko, Ukraine

Elchin Mukhtarli, Azerbaijan

Safarali Naimov, Tajikistan

Oxana Rucsineanu, Moldova

Ksenia Shchenina, Russia

Oversight Advisory Committee

Andriy Klepnikov, Chair of the Oversight Advisory Committee

TBEC Secretariat

Yuliya Chorna, Ukraine, TBEC Director

Serian Carlyle, UK, TBEC Officer

Yuliia Kalancha, Ukraine, TBEC Advocacy and Policy Manager

Anna Katasonova, Ukraine, TBEC Financial Manager (by teleconference)

Mariya Makovetska, Ukraine, TBEC Capacity Building Manager

Anna Medvedenko, Ukraine, TBEC Administrative Officer