Total violation of human rights.

Brutal killings of thousands of civilians.

Civilian towns and cities wiped off the face of the Earth within days.

People living for weeks and months in basements, hiding from missile attacks.

Dying without getting medical care in time.

Without open access to water and food for months.

In the very centre of Europe, near high-rise buildings without power, people roast pigeons caught on the street, on fires.

Fear and tears have become daily reality for millions of Ukrainians.

Children witness death all around. Parents bury their children.

24th August 2022 – exactly half a year since the war has been going on in Ukraine.

A terrible, undeserved war for Ukrainians.

On 24th August, Independence Day is celebrated in Ukraine.

An independence deserved and protected by Ukrainians.

TB Europe Coalition works for good TB care for all who need it. As such, TBEC is extremely concerned for the safety of:

  • Thousands of people with tuberculosis living in Ukraine
  • Dozens of TB activists and TBEC member organisations in Ukraine
  • All 7 staff members of the TBEC Secretariat who are based in Ukraine

….For this reason….

On this day, the TB Europe Coalition:

  • Calls on international organizations and activists, citizens and politicians, communities and state institutions to re-double efforts to stop this bloody terror in the heart of Europe, which has been going on already for 6 long months;
  • Categorically condemns the military aggression of Russia and Belarus against civilians and insists on strengthening the protection of their rights, including by the forces of the international community;
  • Declares the impossibility of carrying out any professional activities of TBEC on the territory of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus until the complete end of hostilities in Ukraine.

Each one of us can make his/her own choice in favour of peace and life. Say NO to the brutal war in Ukraine, where more than 11,000 civilians have already been killed or wounded, including 374 children who died because of the invasion and more than 700 children who have suffered serious injury.

Because of this war, every fourth citizen of Ukraine (9.5 million Ukrainians) was forced to seek asylum in other countries, and 15% of citizens (6.6 million people) have left their homes to find a safer place within the country – a country in which there have been no truly safe places for 6 months, and there has not been a single day without the sound of an air-raid alarm.

The Russian Armed Forces are constantly shelling the humanitarian corridors, ignoring requests by Ukraine to enable the evacuation of women, children, orphans, and disabled people.

Civilians have been taken hostage and used as human shields.

Medical institutions in Ukraine are being systematically and deliberately destroyed with high-precision weapons (Missile systems such as Kalibr, Iskander, and hypersonic Zircon) (817 health institutions have been damaged, 122 of which cannot be restored. Around 200 ambulances have been shot or captured by the enemy, along with their crews whose fate in most cases remains unknown).

This systematic and deliberate destruction with high-precision weapons deserves special attention from the world community.

Traditionally in war, a country faces outbreaks of infectious disease, in particular intensification of the epidemics of tuberculosis, HIV, and intestinal infections. Unfortunately, there is a high risk for outbreaks of cholera and other long forgotten by the civilized world deadly infections.

All these incomprehensible challenges and tragedies have not broken the Ukrainians, but have already disrupted the international world-order bringing hunger, inflation and other catastrophes across the World.

In response, the voice of civil society defending peace and justice should sound louder and more categorically than ever!

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