On the 4th May, TBEC member ‘Stop TB Partnership, Tajikistan’ (STPT), co-directed by TBEC’s Board Member Safarali Naimov, co-organised an online discussion on the protection of rights of people affected by TB. Many key national stakeholders participated, including the Head of the Tajik National TB Caucus alongside seven members of parliament, the National TB Programme Manager, a representative from the WHO country office, and MSF Tajikistan. Representatives of STPT spoke about the role of civil society in supporting the National TB Programme Manager in crisis situations. STPT also emphasised the need for sustainability of civil society organisations’ work to ensure uninterrupted services and stressed on the importance of social contracting mechanisms, funding local NGOs/CBOs from government budgets. This is only one of many projects that STPT have organised over the last months.

‘Stop TB Partnership, Tajikistan’ has also started to coordinate an information campaign together with celebrities and journalists to spread key messages on TB and COVID-19, particularly from a psycho-emotional and social-economic perspective.

Members of the team “Our Champions: no TB”, which comprises of a university Professor assisted by TB activists, organised a conference of medical students from the Tajik National University in coordination with the STPT. The meeting addressed the issues of TB and COVID-19 and was attended by experienced teachers and specialists, representatives of public organisations working in the field of TB, representatives of the media and students. It was an important opportunity to ensure that medics are aware of the specific needs of TB patients in the current situation.

STPT, a TB-REP implementing partner in Tajikistan also provided infection prevention supplies to contribute to meeting the needs of the National TB Programme to prevent transmission of COVID-19 infection among people with TB/DR-TB. STPT contributes to implementing the COVID-19 response operational plan that was developed at an emergency meeting of country partners held at the NTP. It ensures the participation of TB services in the event of an emergency with the possible spread of COVID-19 in the country. For more information on this project check here.