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Posts tagged "TB Voices"
Marina's story - fighting drug resistant TB in 3 different countries

Marina’s story – fighting drug resistant TB in 3 different countries

Marina is a Romanian citizen who was studying law at the University of Manchester in the UK when she was diagnosed with multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB). Marina was studying abroad in Lyon, France in summer 2012 when she developed a cough that would not go away. Her symptoms led her down a long road of doctors and tests as various French doctors struggled to identify a disease many believe no longer exists in Europe. One doctor even diagnosed Marina with hay fever and gave her medicines to ease hay fever symptoms. Despite multiple doctor visits, Marina’s symptoms failed to subside. Marina began to suspect her condition could be related to her lungs – possibly TB – after researching her symptoms online. Marina found a clinic that offered TB tests and had a lung x-ray done. The x-ray established there was something seriously wrong with her lungs, and she was referred for a CT scan. The CT scan confirmed there was a problem with her lungs but couldn’t determine what it was specifically, so Marina was referred for a bronchoscopy – a procedure in which a doctor interested a tube attached to a camera through Marina’s nose and down her airways to examine More…

'Overcoming Tuberculosis' Booklet released in Russian

‘Overcoming Tuberculosis’ Booklet released in Russian

Overcoming Tuberculosis by Paul Thorn – a booklet designed to help people undergoing TB treatment understand the nature of the illness and cope well with it – has been translated into Russian and adapted for the sociocultural context of Central Asia.

Remembering Iulian: A European Voice in the fight against TB

Remembering Iulian: A European Voice in the fight against TB

Last year, RESULTS UK, along with valuable input from GHA France and members of the TB Europe Coalition, came out with a report called “Tuberculosis: Voices in the Fight Against the European Epidemic“. This report featured the story of Iulian, a Romanian struggling to fight MDR-TB. Jonathan Stillo, who also featured in our report, informed us of the sad news that Iulian unfortunately developed XDR-TB and passed away a few weeks ago, leaving behind a wife and two children. Jonathan has written a very moving obituary titled “An Obituary for Iulian, a Romanian XDR-TB Patient, Husband, Father, and my Friend.” The following is an excerpt from it: On May 5th 2012, Romania lost one of its most loving citizens at the young age of 42. This is an obituary for Iulian Ilie Dobre, one of the 1,500 Romanians who die of tuberculosis (TB) every year. When desperately poor people like him die, few people notice. Beyond his immediate family, I don’t know how many will miss him. But Iulian’s death matters. It matters to me and it should matter to you. Even though this man had virtually nothing in this world, he had a wife and little girl who are More…