The 5-day Stop TB Partnership Community Summit #STPCommunitySummit organised by StopTB Partnership was held from 31st October to 4th November in Bangkok (Thailand).

About 150 representatives of civil society and TB – affected communities from more than 20 countries took part in the event. Yuliia Kalancha, the Executive Director was representing TB Europe Coalition at the Summit.

The main Summit objectives were:

  • Improve preparations, and strategic advocacy to capitalise upon the upcoming TB UNHLM,
  • Deepen the understanding of the CLM approach for institutionalisation and scale-up,
  • Enhance knowledge of the work of the STP community & civil grantees and their capacities for improved outcomes,
  • Support the community preparedness engagement and mobilization of NFM IV for Global Fund for enhanced financing of strategic TB interventions,
  • Strengthen country and regional-level collaboration and coordination to elevate TB programming in the national agenda and for greater impact.

In addition, the opportunities and plans for coordination were considered, as well as identified existing gaps and solutions, including the role of partners to increase the meaningful engagement of CSOs and the TB-affected communities at the country level.

After country activities and priorities were identified, the participants broadly agreed on priorities in the areas of preparation for the UN High-Level Meeting on TB 2023, community monitoring, advocacy, partnerships, etc.

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