“If we waste time, time will kill us” –  Dr Aslidin Rajabzoda, Director of ‘Republican Center of Protection of Population from TB’ emphasised during the event “Our Champions: No TB!” held on 31 July, 2019 at the ‘Dior’ venue, in the Varzob gorge, Tajikistan.

‘Stop TB Partnership, Tajikistan’ has brought together prominent representatives of various strata of society to form the team “Our Champions: No TB!”. To celebrate the collective initiative of star TB Champions to support National TB Program in ending TB in Tajikistan and to mark the 5th anniversary of its establishment, the ‘Stop TB Partnership, Tajikistan’ organized an information-advocacy event.


Thanks to the voice of Stop TB Ambassador-Tajik popular singer Shabnami Surayo, the luck of comedians Gharibsho & Jamshedi Halim in catching a golden fish, the jolly sound of Indian ‘Tabla’, the wondrous words from doctors and TB survivors, the song by famous singer Muzaffari Shodi, the courageous presence and messages of Olympic Champions – Mrs Mavzuna Chorieva and Dilshod Nazarov, the outstanding talent of journalists, the wisdom of healing of film/theatre actor Nurullo Abdulloev, the generous helping hand of LLC “Muhammad-A”, the presence of event safety service and the magical words by beloved poem Khairandesh and the song writer Ehsan A’zamian united by the voice of representative MP, ministries and committees joined by inspiring guest from #StopTBPartnership – Dr. Viorel Soltan the event had a very special ambiance.

In order to end TB we need: speed, courage, unshakable will, endurance, wisdom, intelligence, conscience and justice, unity, faith and confidence, knowledge and understanding of the nature of tuberculosis. Fortunately, these are all features that the members of our team “Our Champions: No TB!” have.

Our star TB Champions expressed their contribution to end TB: we stand together to end TB in Tajikistan!

You too can support this work!

(Press release written by the Stop TB Partnership in Tajikistan. Please see their website for more information)


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