We are pleased to announce new members of TBEC’s Board.  

The second elections of the TBEC Board took place online, from 22nd February to 14th of March. There were 19 nominees and 13 Board seats available. Overall, 142 TBEC members, or 41% of the total TBEC membership participated in the vote. 

According to the results, the newly elected members of TBEC Board are: 

  1. Aida Kurtovic (Bosnia & Herzegovina) 
  1. Alesia Matusevych (Ukraine)     
  1. Cristina Enache (Romania) 
  1. Daniel Kashnitsky (Russia) 
  1. Denis Godlevskiy (Russia) 
  1. Jonathan Stillo (USA) 
  1. Marina Chokheli (Georgia) 
  1. Olga Klymenko (Ukraine) 
  1. Oxana Rucşineanu (Moldova) 
  1. Parvana Valiyeva (Azerbaijan) 
  1. Paul Sommerfeld (UK) 
  1. Sharonann Lynch (USA) 
  1. Stefan Radut (Romania) 

Please join us in congratulating them! We look forward to working with them all closely over the next 3 years.