TBEC webinar on parliamentary engagement in RU – recording and presentation (04/2019) (in partnership with the Global TB Caucus and with technical support from the EECA platform)

TBEC webinar on resource mobilisation and partnership building – recording and presentation (02/2019)

TBEC webinar on the Global Fund CRG Technical Assistance program in RU (11/12/2018)

TBEC webinar on STC of Health Products (06/2018)

TBEC webinar on STC of Health Products (Part 1) (06/2018)

TBEC webinar on STC of Health Products (Part 2) (06/2018)

TBEC webinar on STC of Health Products (Part 3) (06/2018)

TBEC webinar on STC of Health Products (Part 4) (06/2018)

TBEC webinar on global and in-country advocacy ahead of UN HLM on TB (05/2018)

TBEC webinar on UN High Level Meeting on TB (09/2017)

TBEC webinar on media engagement (09/2017)

TBEC webinar on Global TB Caucus (12/2016)

TBEC webinar on EU funding (10/2016)



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