On December 2, 2022, the TB Europe Coalition held an online-meeting for civil society organisations and TB-affected communities “Algorithm of data collection for the four WHO Europe indicators”, during which:

– Giorgi Kuchukidze (WHO Europe) briefed participants on the role of CSOs and TB-affected communities in monitoring the meaningful engagement of CSOs and affected communities as part of the TB Action Plan for the WHO European Region 2023-2030,

– Yana Terleeva (Head of the Department of TB Management and Control, Center for Public Health of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine) shared her vision of the NTP process and how effective coordination and cooperation in data collection is ensured,

– Irina Koroeva (External Consultant) presented the Algorithm of data collection for the four WHO Europe indicators, reflecting a systematic approach to the influence of communities and civil society organizations on programmes, according to the new TB Action Plan for the WHO European Region for 2023–2030, and elaborated on the detailed discussions of each of the four indicators.

Yuliia Kalancha, Executive Director of TBEC, and Sayohat Hasanova, Technical Officer of the Joint Unit for Infectious Diseases of the WHO Regional Office for Europe, were actively participating in the deiscussions answering the questions from the participants along with the speaker.

The full text of the Algorithm of data collection for the four WHO Europe indicators developed by the TB Europe Coalition in partnership with the WHO Regional Office for  Europe can be found at: https://cutt.ly/xMELSFd

The document was developed to strengthen the mobilization of communities and civil society organizations in implementing a systematic data collection mechanism and describes in detail the structure and components of the data collection process, as well as existing approaches and indicators.

Considering that the mechanism of systematic data collection is one of the critical factors for the timely adoption of the necessary managerial decisions at the country level and significantly affects the improvement of the effectiveness of TB response measures that are implemented by communities and civil society organizations, such data collection on four new indicators are planned in all priority countries in the WHO European Region.

If you were unable to join the meeting personally, for your convenience the recording is available at the link https://youtu.be/wQ63l9GG5Ek.

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