The final meeting of the National Dialogue to strengthen partnership between civil society, TB-affected communities and National TB Program (NTP) to ensure provision of quality people-centered TB services in the Republic of Armenia was held on October 27.

The event was attended with a wide range of stakeholders, namely representatives of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia, the National Center of Pulmonology of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia, the civil sector from the organizations Social NGO “Armenian Network of Positive People”, Doctors of the World, the International Committee of the Red Cross, “Tuberculosis and Me”, the WHO/Euro and Country Offices, the WHO Global Tuberculosis Program, The Center for Health Policies and Studies (PAS Center), and TB doctors.

As part of the event organized by TBEC within the TB-REP 2.0 project, the participants discussed the final version of the National Strategic Plan for the Elimination of TB for 2021-2025. (NSP-TB), the mechanism of Multisectoral Accountability Framework on Tuberculosis (MAF-TB), as well as ways of its implementation in the Republic of Armenia to support NSP-TB.

In the framework of discussions, the following issues were addressed:
discussion of the main points of NSP-TB, it goal and objectives, models of TB service provision;
presentation of direct interventions aimed at increasing the involvement of CSOs and strengthening cooperation between them and representatives of state agencies / services at the national level to promote a people-centered TB care;
aspects of MAF-TB implementation and MAF-TB baseline assessment, in particular based on Annex 2 on civil society and community involvement in the TB response, and WHO/Euro technical support for launching MAF-TB in countries EECA region.

As the results of the National Dialogue it was decided to produce the set of recommendations on the relevant NSP-TB interventions and M& E indicators to be included in NSP-TB to ensure the meaningful engagement of civil society and TB affected communities in TB response and to update the Action Plan for enhanced CSO activities in support of the NTP/NSP-TB. Participants will discuss how the reached agreements are being implemented at the next meeting of stakeholders in a few months, and we thank everyone for their active position and look forward to further strengthening of intersectoral interaction.