TBEC shared its experience in implementation of the project related to the provision of health care services to the visitors of SPILNO points during the Annual Review Meeting with UNICEF national stakeholders and humanitarian implementing partners in health and nutrition section which was held in Kyiv during 14-15 November 2022.

TB Europe Coalition was represented by Executive Director Yuliya Kalancha and Programme Manager Kira Grozava. The participants reviewed progress to date, undertook strategic planning for 2023 and aligned health and nutrition activities with UNICEF Chief and global/regional health/nutrition strategies and priorities.

In particular, our colleagues updated the participants of the meeting about the work which has been done by doctors since July current year at 22 Spilno points in different regions of Ukraine, informed on their main tasks and functionality, the specifics of counseling children and adults at Spilno points and the challenges that medical personnel encounter in the course of their work. The presentation of our project provoked a lively discussion among the participants of the meeting. It was especially nice to receive positive feedback about the work of our doctors in different parts of the country.

Also, as part of the UNICEF Ukraine project, the TB Europe Coalition continues to help people of Ukraine and the medical institutions in the country in response to the ongoing crisis invoked by a full-scale war. Together with partners from the CO «Light of Hope», TBEC provided humanitarian assistance under the medical voucher program for the Children’s Clinical Hospital of Saint Zinaida in Sumy and Municipal Maternity Home with the functions of the II-level Perinatal Center in Kkropyvnytsky. This will partially satisfy the need for medical assistance to hundreds of children and postpartum women, including internally displaced persons from the eastern and southern regions of the country.

These achievements for children and their families were possible thanks to generous support of the EU, the Government of Japan and UNICEF.

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