Last month TBEC, along with other European patient groups, healthcare professionals and organisations working on respiratory and lung health, held an event with the MEP Lung Health Group to present our unified vision paper on lung health in Europe for the next 9 years, the Breathe Vision 2030. 

Together we represent 179 member associations across 34 Countries in the Council of Europe European Region. Through this initiative, the European Lung Health Group aims to increase awareness and prevention for respiratory health by 2030, improve lung health care and research, and tackle COVID-19 in Europe.

The COVID-19 global pandemic has brought respiratory health considerations to the forefront of political discussions. A respiratory infection, COVID-19 hits the lungs hard and is expected to leave patients with long-term lung complications after recovering from the disease. The pandemic has not only increased the burden of respiratory diseases, but also increased the risk of developing TB, and it has shown more than ever the need to promote healthy lungs for life. However, it also highlights the need to use this moment to leverage support in addressing challenges to tackling TB, as well as other respiratory diseases, whether chronic or infectious.

Through the Breathe Vision for 2030 we will seek to influence European and EU policy priorities to maximise their benefits for respiratory health. As we stand firm together to convey this Vision, we promote increased awareness and understanding of respiratory diseases in society and call for increased funding for respiratory health.

The Breathe Vision paper covers 5 key thematic areas: Awareness, Prevention, Care, Research, and COVID-19. You can download the Breathe Vision paper here and find out more about the initiative here 

The European Lung Health Group has also released a Joint Statement on vaccination, calling for frontline workers and respiratory health patients to be prioritised in national COVID-19 vaccine roll-out plans. You can read the statement here

Launch of breathe vision