Government relations and community engagement

Empowering communities to end TB with the ENGAGE-TB approach, WHO publications on community engagement: (WHO 2018) An Activists Guide to Bedaquiline This guide summarizes updated efficacy, safety, and access information about bedaquiline, an essential medication in the treatment of multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB). TB Drug Research Literacy Toolkit (TB Alliance 2014) A toolkit that has been [...]

Tools for evidence base to end TB

STOP TB Stigma Assessment -Implementation Handbook (StopTB 2019) STOP TB Stigma Assessment -Data Collection Instruments (StopTB 2019) Communities, Rights and Gender TB Tools Assessments In Ukraine (StopTB 2018)

TB response among key populations

STOP TB Partnership key population briefs Children: (StopTB) Miners: (StopTB) Mobile populations: (StopTB) People who use drugs: (StopTB) Prisoners: (StopTB) Rural populations: (StopTB) Urban populations: (StopTB) Health care workers: (StopTB) People living with HIV (StopTB)

Active Finding of Missing People with TB

STOP TB Field Guide –TB Case Finding With Key Populations  (StopTB) A People-Centred Model of Tuberculosis Care -A Blueprint for Eastern European and Central Asian Countries, First Edition (WHO 2017)

Treatment, infectious controland care of TB and MDR-TB

WHO Consolidated Guidelines on Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Treatment (WHO 2019) Rapid Communication: Key changes to treatment of multidrug-and rifampicin-resistant tuberculosis (MDR/RR-TB) (WHO 2018) Compendium of WHO guidelines and associated standards: ensuring optimum delivery of the cascade of care for patients with tuberculosis(Eng) (WHO 2018) Compendium of good practices in the implementation of the Tuberculosis Action Plan [...]

Rights of people affected by TB

Declaration of the rights of people affected by tuberculosis (StopTB 2019) Know Your Rights: Tuberculosis Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment (Treatment Action Group 2019)

Key guiding and strategic documents

UN High-Level Meeting on TB Key Targets & Commitments for 2022 (Stop TB Partnership, 2018) Political Declaration of the UN General Assembly High-Level Meeting (WHO 2018) A global document to that summarizes countries’ commitment to end TB by 2030 according to the Sustainable Development Goals. The END TB Strategy (2016 –2020) United Nations common position on [...]

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