Late last year,  Paul Sommerfeld  (Chair of the TBEC Board) and  Oxana Rucsineanu  (TBEC Board Member) attended the 2019  European Respiratory Society  Congress in Madrid where they presented papers on TB advocacy and patients’ perspectives. Patients are at the heart of TBEC’s work and we are delighted by the opportunity to centralise their experiences at such a large event. 

Oxana has been interviewed by the European Lung Foundation on her experience of the Congress and speaking as a patient. As she says, advocates face great responsibility: “Every time I participate in an event, I feel responsible, as I hope that people that listen to my speech leave the room with the idea that it is time to engage more with patients. This is what I have strived for since the beginning of my work in TB – I would like patients to be heard and to be treated with dignity and respect. It’s only by raising awareness, forming partnerships, and supporting personal perspectives, values, beliefs and preferences that the best outcomes can be achieved.” 

You can read the full interview here.

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