Elchin_photoElchin Mukhtarli is the chairman of “Saglamliga Khidmat”* NGO, a national civil society organization in Azerbaijan, founded in 2010. Since 2011, he is the Head of TB Azerbaijan Coalition (TBAZC), which comprises five national civil society organizations.

In 2010, Elchin joined the TBEC family, and in 2014, he became a TBEC Steering Committee member.

Elchin is a member of CCM, member of national TB working group and TB REP working group. Since 2016, he has been acting as TB REP Focal Point as CSO partner from Azerbaijan.

Elchin studied at the Azerbaijan State University of Languages and later continued his studies at the faculty of Health Promotion and Health Education at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands. In 1997, he started his career in the field of public health as a Health Educator at the Department of Tuberculosis of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). His desire to become a health promoter and wish to help vulnerable people led him to the position of Team Leader in health education, TB case finding programs and many other TB related activities. Later, he was promoted to the rank of head of TB department in ICRC. He held many managerial positions in TB Control programs and acted as an initiator in the implementation of TB and TB/HIV related social projects.

Since 2011, he has been involved in the implementation of TB projects (TB treatment follow up among ex-prisoners, TB advocacy, TB Education & Counseling projects, etc.) financed by Global Fund.

From 2016 onwards, he has been actively engaged in the TB Advocacy work within the “TB Regional EECA Project (TB-REP) on Strengthening Health Systems for Effective TB and DR-TB Control” Program financed by the Global Fund. During the last two years, many advocacy activities were held within the TB-REP advocacy projects in the country with the involvement of other national CSOs under Elchin’s coordination. During this period, inter-sectorial partnerships (between CSO and parliamentarians, CSO and NTP etc.) were established, the patient’s community network was created, and a good collaboration and partnership was developed between media and CSOs. Activities such as, production of a short video aiming to promote people-centered model of health care, conducting of KAP survey among TB patients and health staff, meetings with TB stakeholders and decision makers, trainings on different subjects, on TB advocacy and capacity building for the representatives of CSOs, journalists, etc. were conducted. As a result, the public had a good opportunity to hear, watch and read true information about TB and its treatment and care through TB stories, articles that are often published on media portals and in newspapers and shared widely through social networking. With the support of TB-REP team led by Elchin a ‘Public Hearing’ event dedicated to TB was held at the Azerbaijani parliament in January 2018. TB Azerbaijan Coalition has established a friendly partnership with some members of the parliament aiming to end TB.

  1. Support to Health (translator’s note).