The documentary video entitled “Future free of TB” describes the Family-Directly Observed Therapy or F-DOT, piloted in April 2017 by MSF in Tajikistan and now acknowledged by the National TB Programme (NTP). The model replicates the traditional DOT aspects of care but gives greater involvement, autonomy and flexibility to family members’ engagement in monitoring the administration of drugs to children within the home. There is intensive counselling and training for both the child and the family member (F-DOT supporter) with on-going adherence assessments. Patient eligibility depends on a few factors including a good history of adherence and a supportive, treatment-literate family. Drugs supplies are provided for up to one month incrementally depending on how families are coping. 

This video is produced by the media center of Stop TB Partnership, Tajikistan as part of the TB-REP 2.0 project grant funded by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GF) and implemented by the PAS Center as a principal recipient. The views expressed in this video do not necessarily reflect those views of the Global Fund, PAS Center, or other partners of the TB-REP project.

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