Cristina Enache2

A member of TBEC since 2012, Cristina has been working for the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation in Bucharest since 2009. She has carried out both HIV and TB related activities and since 2017 she is the Advocacy Officer, in charge with driving TB and HIV related legislative and policy changes. For the past 4 years she has been advocating for the adoption of the TB Bill by the Parliament, during a long and challenging legislative process.

Cristina has been involved in the TB and HIV advocacy campaign, which started in April 2017 under the 2015 – 2018 Global Fund grant and which will continue until 2021.

She has helped coordinate and implement activities such as the Alert Report “The Crisis of Anti-TB Medicines in Romania” ( developed in collaboration with the Romanian Health Observatory and the media campaign that ensued ( and the Romanian NGOs contribution to the Universal Periodic Review ( She has contributed to the advocacy campaign awareness component carried out through the Facebook Stop TB Romania page: and advocated for the 2019-2021 HIV/AIDS National Strategic Plan to be approved by the Government. She has also taken the fight against TB to the community level by organising meetings with local authorities in almost half of the country, arguing for better community support for the TB patients.

She has been involved in several TBEC activities as well: together with TBEC members, she contributed to facilitating two advocacy workshops, one in Riga, Latvia (2015) and another one in Bucharest, Romania (2016). In addition, she was part of the TBEC team who met with TB stakeholders in Moldova in 2012 for advocacy purposes. Currently, Cristina is working with TBEC members to organise a second workshop in Bucharest in November 2018 and a meeting with Romanian MPs and representatives of Global TB Caucus.