TB is the world’s leading infectious killer and in the WHO European region alone, there were 32 000 estimated deaths from TB and around 323 000 new cases in 2015. This means that every day, about 900 people become sick with TB.

Behind these staggering statistics are everyday people. The following personal stories illustrate the everyday challenges of dealing with TB in different countries across of the WHO Europe region.

From the devastating loss of several family members, to illness due to limited access to necessary TB treatment and fear of stigma and discrimination by work colleagues and friends, people suffering from TB and their family members show the true cost of limited funding and low awareness of TB in the region.

Voices in the fight 

Please also read stories of Ilze (Latvia) and Andreea (Romania) and Mariam (Georgia) and Shamsiya (Tajikistan).

The TB Europe Coalition believes that the voices of people with experience of TB should be central in the fight against TB. That is why TBEC works with TBPeople, a Eurasian network of people with experience of tuberculosis. TBPeople was established in June 2016 during 7th Conference of the Union Europe Region in Bratislava, Slovakia. TBEC supported and was deeply involved in the creation of TBPeople’s network and governance structure as the world’s first regional network of people with TB. Find more about them here.


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