The consolidation of efforts of all stakeholders from different sectors is the key to strengthening the response to the tuberculosis epidemic and the early elimination of this curable infectious disease. As we know, tuberculosis is one of the ten most common causes of death in the modern world, and in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the TB situation has deteriorated significantly and, according to realistic forecasts, will worsen even more.

The foundation for effective TB control both at the national and regional levels is timely adoption of the necessary political and managerial decisions, as well as the competent distribution of financial and other resources. This is why decision-makers to end TB play a key role in the fight against the disease. The success of measures to eliminate the disease largely depends on their attention to the problem of TB, their activity and involvement in the processes of anti-tuberculosis control.

The close collaboration of decision-makers with key stakeholders, among whom civil society plays a significant role in the fight against TB, is essential. Thanks to the effective interaction of the executive authorities, parliamentarians, local authorities and self-government with civil society organizations and communities affected by TB, the issues of combating tuberculosis are kept urgent. They are regularly present on the agenda at a high state level, and are also considered taking into account real issues and place of the needs of people affected by TB.

The TB Europe Coalition, within regional TB-REP 2.0 project and supported by regional project partners, is announcing the “Award For Partnership To End TB” to strengthen this important collaboration, and welcoming the efforts of decision-makers to end TB.

In this way, TBEC plans to acknowledge the contributions of decision-makers from TB-REP 2.0 countries, who are nominate by representatives of civil society organizations and communities affected by TB as reliable partners in the elimination of tuberculosis.

“Award For Partnership To End TB” laureates can be decision-makers at any government level (regional, national, local) who are directly involved in anti-TB activities and experience fruitful cooperation with civil society.

Two-tree decision-makers from each TB-REP 2.0 country will be nominated by civil society country level to be awarded an “Award For Partnership To End TB” in December 2021 during an online event.

TB Europe Coalition plans to continue communication with the “Award For Partnership To End TB” laureates as part of its programmatic activities, in particular, to provide information support on current TB issues and to further develop and strengthen multisectoral collaboration for the early end TB.

To nominate laureates of “Award For Partnership To End TB” by representatives of CSOs and communities affected by TB from their countries are voluntary and do not imply any organizational and/or financial commitment. All subsequent communications with the recommended laureates of “Award For Partnership To End TB” will be carried out by TBEC independently.

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