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Case Studies
TB in the Netherlands - a patient's story

TB in the Netherlands – a patient’s story

When Stefan returned to the Netherlands after a brief stay in the US some years ago, he was diagnosed with what he thought was a disease from the past: tuberculosis. Luckily for Stefan, the Netherlands has a very effective tuberculosis control program and he was cured. Watch how tuberculosis changed his life and what can be done to treat this old but still actual disease. This film was commissioned by the Dutch KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation, a national and international centre of expertise for TB control and a medical development organization. Our vision is A World free of Tuberculosis. Watch Stefan’s account here: For more information about TB in the Netherlands visit the website of the KNCV Tuberculose Foundation:

Voices in the fight against the European epidemic

The TB Europe Coalition and the ACTION Project are giving TB a ‘human face’ in their report ‘Tuberculosis – Voices in the fight against the European epidemic’ by looking behind the statistics to focus on the every-day challenges faced by TB patients and their carers in the WHO Europen Region. TB is a global epidemic, causing devastating loss of life and hampering economic productivity. It is also a European problem, where TB rates have been on the rise over the past few decades. This report seeks to reenergise the fight against TB by telling the human side of the disease; giving a voice to the individuals and communities who have long been represented in numbers and figures. In these pages, patients, doctors, advocates and healthcare workers from seven European countries – Georgia, Latvia, Moldova, Romania, Russia, UK and Ukraine – tell of their experiences. “TB takes people out of the workforce and puts them into a state of poverty. They are not just faceless statistics, they are mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, and they are suffering.” – Jonathan Stillo, medical anthropologist, Romania Those interviewed address the need to sustain political will and financial investment as well as emphasizing how More…