We are delighted to present a new brochure published by the TB Europe Coalition to improve the quality of care for people affected by TB.

From the document following the link https://www.tbcoalition.eu/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/InformedConsent_A4_En_v2.pdf you’ll learn about the human rights, informed consent and high ethical standards as the basis for people-centered TB care.

Unfortunately, there are still gaps in the health sector in the diagnosis, treatment and use of new drugs, as well as gaps in the cascade of care for drug-resistant tuberculosis and respect for human rights: the lack of a truly people-centered approach, which often leads to human rights violations.

To ensure that the entire process, from TB screening and diagnosis to TB treatment, is a collaborative one between the person affected by TB and the medical staff as part of a single care team, treatment must take into account the values and preferences of the patient.

Developed as a result of activities funded within the Communities, Rights and Gender Strategic Initiative of the Global Fund this brochure will help you understand and learn more about the following:

– human rights, ethics, and justice as indispensable factors for successful treatment of people with TB;

– respect for human rights to enhance people-centered TB care;

– informed consent;

– people-centered care and support;

– respect for privacy and confidentiality in screening and diagnosis.

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