The TB Europe Coalition has shared the “Analytical report – Opportunities of the use of social contracting to ensure sustainability of TB services in Kazakhstan”.This document was developed within TB REP 2.0 project and includes the analysis of the legal environment regarding the possibility of implementing governmental social contracting in the field of TB in Kazakhstan.

In 2005, Kazakhstan was the first country in Central Asia adopted the Law on Social Contracting that regulates social relations arising in the process of implementation of the social contracts by government authorities and non-governmental organizations. Amendments and additions have been made to the law on numerous occasions; the law is still in force. The International Center for Non-Profit Law (ICNL), in its comparative analysis of the legal regulation of NGOs in Central Asia, notes that Kazakhstan ranks first among the countries under review in terms of funding.

The presented country example of the application of social contracting in the field of TB can be used as a case of successful practice for the exchange of experience, adaptation of effective models, and advocacy for sustainable financing from the National and local budgets in other countries of the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region.

More details on the analysis of government policy and existing examples of social contracting, as well as on the definition of NGO services that can be financed through the mechanisms of social contracting, you can find in Analytical report.

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