Yuliya Chorna, TBEC Director

Yuliya is smiling at the camera. She is wearing a black jumper with a red pattern.Yuliya has been engaged in TBEC activities since 2017 as a focal point for the current arrangements within TBEC Secretariat on behalf of Alliance for Public Health, thus being a part of its operational activities.

Since the early 2000s, she has been working in the non-profit sector with a track record in the coordination of public health and social service projects. The projects she has been responsible for had a focus on HIV and Tuberculosis response with involvement of the most-at-risk, vulnerable and underserved population. Her experience in the field includes program development, organization of service delivery, operational research, training and advocacy activities.

From 2016 to 2018, Yuliya was directly engaged in the TBEC programmatic activities, as an advocacy manager at Alliance for Public Health, Ukraine, for the civil society component TBEC is in charge for, under the regional project TB-REP. The project covers 11 countries of the Eastern Europe and Central Asia (Principal Recipient of GF funding is PAS Center, Moldova) to ensure the shift to people-centred models of TB care and to halt the rates of drug resistance in the region. Operational activities within the project included TBEC on-site visits in the countries as well as organization of the regional events for coordinated regional advocacy.

On behalf of TBEC, she also takes part in the Affected Communities and Civil Society Advisory Panel, which is involved in bringing the civil society response in the processes on UN High level meeting on Tuberculosis in September 2018 as well as post-UN HLM activities.

In September 2018, Yuliya stepped in as an Executive Director of TBEC.

Anna_Medvedenko_photoAnna Medvedenko, TBEC Administrative Officer

In January 2019, Anna joined TBEC to provide administrative support for various ongoing TBEC projects.

In 2015, Anna got her Master’s degree in the Business Administration program at the Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadim Getman.

In 2015, Anna started to work for the ICF “Alliance for Public Health” as a Personal Assistant to Director of Treatment, Procurement and Supply Management. She was responsible for providing the overall technical and administrative support for Director and his team for the duration of the projects focused on TB and HCV prevention and treatment. In 2017, she joined the team of a regional project “Strengthening Health Systems for Effective TB and MR-TB Control in Eastern Europe and Central Asia” (TB-REP) as a Program Officer to support implementation of the project.

You can contact Anna via e-mail at medvedenko@tbcoalition.eu

Anna_Katasonova_photoAnna Katasonova, TBEC Finance Manager

In early 2019, Anna started her work as TBEC Finance Manager. Her key tasks are to ensure smooth and efficient functioning of TBEC’s financial system and procedures.

Throughout her professional life, Anna participated in successful proposals preparation, grant negotiations and successful implementation of awarded contracts from both the international donors (The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (TGF), USAID, European Union, Council of Europe) and private sector (Rinat Akhmetov Foundation for Development of Ukraine).

Anna is experienced finance management professional with key expertise in management accounting: planning (including budgeting for grant proposals), reporting (for donors as well as to internal and external stakeholders), sub-grant management (from potential grantees assessment through constant monitoring and mentoring to reporting, final audit and closure), development of internal policies and procedures.

You can contact Anna via e-mail at katasonova@tbcoalition.eu

Yuliia_Kalancha_photoYuliia Kalancha, TBEC Advocacy and Policy Manager

Yuliia Kalancha joined TBEC team as an Advocacy and Policy Manager in February 2019 to support TB affected communities and civil society in their advocacy efforts towards people-centered TB care.

Yuliia is a specialist in European Union law and has a passion for volunteering. Since 2011 Yuliia has been working in the field of public health and has been involved in the processes related to widening of access to treatment at the national, regional and international levels.

Before joining TBEC she worked at AIDS Healthcare Foundation in Ukraine as advocacy/marketing coordinator and as project coordinator for “Healthcarers”. She also dealt with procurement issues at the All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization “All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH” and the Ukrainian CDC.

The main areas of Yuliia’s expertise are related to community mobilization and involvement of grassroots communities in the international advocacy on  access to essential medicines, creation, development, design and implementation of advocacy activities and campaigns, as well as monitoring of procurement of drugs and medical appliances.

Also, Yuliya is a permanent member of the Global Tuberculosis Communities Advisory Board, and a member of the Patients of Ukraine.

You can contact Yuliia via email: kalancha@tbcoalition.eu

Daniel_Kashnitsky_photo Daniel Kashnitsky, Consultant of the project “Communities, Rights and Gender”

Since January 2019, Daniel has been working for TBEC, specifically on  coordinating the development of training modules and guidelines, and carrying out capacity building and mentorship activities for members and partners.

Since 2006, Daniel has been working in public health organizations focused on prevention and advocacy of access to HIV and TB care in Central Russia and Siberia. As of 2015 he has been providing technical assistance to a community-based NGOs of affected populations in 11 countries of East Europe and Central Asia within GFATM projects.

Daniel is a member of Eurasian Harm Reduction Association and a doctoral student in Demography at the Higher School of Economics.

Daniel’s main areas of expertise are related to program planning, management, and monitoring, budget advocacy, stakeholder communication, qualitative research, M&E, mobile populations’ health, and people-centered approach in HIV and TB care.

You can contact Daniel via e-mail at kashnitsky@tbcoalition.eu

Mariya Makovetska, TBEC Capacity Building Manager

Mariya Makovetska has 12 years of management experience. She is an expert in advocacy, communication and social mobilization with good understanding of public health sector.  She started her career as program manager of grass-root NGO that provides services for key affected population to HIV/AIDS (KAP’s). In few years she grew up to the team lead for the Global Fund national Project on Tuberculosis in Ukraine (Round 9). Then Mariya continued as senior advisor on outreach and partnership for two USAID Projects focusing on piloting sustainable HIV services in Ukraine and Supporting Health Reform in Ukraine.

Ms. Makovetska also provides expertise in capacity building of government coordination bodies and agencies and civil sector organizations both on local and national level. She has expertise design of information campaign on tuberculosis response for the general population, as well as specific population groups. She is good at facilitation, trainer and motivated professional. Mariya Makovetska is well familiar with Global Fund programs, as well as with USAID\PEPFAR funding projects, UNAIDS and other donor agencies.

When she saw vacancy announcement for Capacity Building Manager at TBEC she took this as an opportunity and challenge for her to expand her experience from Ukrainian background to new horizons such as countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia region.

You can contact Mariya via e-mail at makovetska@tbcoalition.eu

Photo of Anete smiling at camera

Anete Cook, TBEC Senior Officer

Joined in 2017, Anete Cook is the Senior Officer of TB Europe Coalition. Based in London, she is responsible for implementation of the European Commission’s grant. She leads on aspects of TBEC governance, communication and in-country training, and works closely with TBEC Secretariat members in Kiev and Moscow.    

Anete studied European Political and Administrative Studies at the College of Europe and proceeded to work as Political Officer at the EU Delegation to Kazakhstan and as a Desk Officer at the Latvian Embassy in India. Passionate about international development, she decided to swap the office dress for sneakers and volunteered as Programme Officer at the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, as well as numerous education charities in New Delhi.  

A relative newcomer to the public health issues, Anete is learning more each day of the devastating impact that TB can have on people’s lives and the best ways to end TB epidemic in the region.

You can contact Anete via e-mail at anete.cook@results.org.uk

Photo of Serian smiling at cameraSerian Carlyle, TBEC Administrator

Serian joined TBEC as Administrator in April 2019. She provides support in external and internal communications, research, logistics and administration of TBEC grant from CHAFEA.

Serian’s previous experience includes development and administrative roles for the British Museum, Tate, and Wellcome Trust. In these roles, she wrote research briefings, supported gifts management, conducted data analysis, and provided event support, amongst other projects.

Serian studied Russian politics and culture at University College London (UCL). She has a particular research interest in the relationship between sensitive aspects of identity (for example, health, sexuality, gender) and their depiction on screen. Currently, she is co-writing a chapter on the representation of reproductive health in Russian and Soviet cinema for publication in an edited volume on gender and authority. She hopes to build on her experience with TBEC and research the representation of TB in the media in the future.

You can contact Serian via e-mail at serian.carlyle@results.org.uk