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Paul Sommerfeld, Chair of TBEC Board

Paul Sommerfeld has been involved with the Coalition ever since its beginning. In the early years he led on building up links between activists in Western Europe and those in the East. That led to the development of advocacy training initiatives. Dusting off his early career skills in facilitation and organisation development, Paul has become a lead trainer for TBEC helping to facilitate numerous TB advocacy


Jonathan Stillo, Co-Chair of TBEC Board

Jonathan Stillo is a researcher and an activist from the U.S.A., who has worked with people with TB and HIV/AIDS since 2000. He was based in Romania for much of the period between 2006 and 2014, and speaks Romanian, in addition to English. In 2014, he moved back to the U.S.A., and is now teaching at a university there, while continuing his research and activism in the European region by visiting several times a year and staying in close contact


Marine Ejuryan, Vice-Chair of TBEC Board

Marine has been engaged in TBEC’s work as part of the previous Steering Committee since she joined the Global Health Advocates as an Advocacy Officer in 2015. She has been involved in TBEC’s programmatic activities, country visits and capacity building workshops, as well as in advocacy towards the European Union, regional and global TB stakeholders for a better TB response in the WHO Europe region

Stefan Radut, Vice-Chair of TBEC Board

Stefan Radut is from Bucharest, Romania. In 2011, he started to be involved in ASPTMR, a young MDR TB patient’s organization at that time.

He came across TBEC in 2012, when he heard the word “advocacy” for the first time. At that moment, he understood that advocacy was one of the ways to solve the MDR TB and TB

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Cristina Enache

A member of TBEC since 2012, Cristina has been working for the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation in Bucharest since 2009. She has carried out both HIV and TB related activities and since 2017 she is the Advocacy Officer, in charge with driving TB and HIV related legislative and policy changes

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Nela Ivanova

Nela Ivanova is from Burgas, Bulgaria. Since 2011, she has been working as a social worker in education at the “Dose of Love” Association – a non-governmental organization that unites experts in the field of drug use and HIV/AIDS prevention

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Olga Klymenko

Olga Klymenko became an activist in the fight against tuberculosis after her illness in 2015. Prior to that, she worked in a foundation, which was helping preterm infants. She published a book “My inner world. Confessions of a TB patient”, which was on sale in Ukraine and helped people with a TB and their families. Olga worked with the Alliance for Public Health and the Network of PLWH


Elchin Mukhtarli

Elchin Mukhtarli is the chairman of “Saglamliga Khidmat” NGO, a national civil society organization in Azerbaijan, founded in 2010. Since 2011, he is the Head of TB Azerbaijan Coalition, which comprises five national civil society organizations. In 2010, Elchin joined the TBEC family, and in 2014, he became a TBEC Steering Committee


Safarali Naimov

Safarali Naimov is a MDR-TB survivor from Tajikistan. Having experienced the disease (2009-2012), he learned about important aspects related to TB, and more importantly about the fact that the needs of people with TB were not and are still not sufficiently known to the decision-makers

Oxana Rucsineanu

Oxana Rucsineanu is a TB activist from the Republic of Moldova, leading Moldova National Association of tuberculosis patients „SMIT”.

Being an active member of the National Platform of TB NGOs, GCTA, TBEC and TB People networks and having gone through personal experience of drug-resistant tuberculosis, she has coordinated since 2011 several projects focusing on the rights and responsibilities of

Ksenia Shchenina

Since joining TBEC network Ksenia, a TB survivor herself, has been one of the few very active community members from Russia. Ksenia has extensive experience in patient advocacy and TB activism. Ksenia herself started the online community of people with TB in Russia in 2012, and has several thousand visitors per month