On 11th of April, several TBEC Board and Secretariat members attended the 7th meeting of the Regional Collaborating Committee (RCC-THV), which recently enlarged its mandate to cover not only the Accelerated Response to Tuberculosis, but also to HIV and viral hepatitis.

TBEC joined a group of international and regional civil society networks such as STOP TB Partnership, Global TB Caucus, TBPeople and the WHO Europe RCC-THV Secretariat and country officers. The meeting covered a variety of issues, starting from presentations on the implementation of regional action plans for HIV and TB, to WHO Europe engagement and contribution towards accountability framework post UN High-Level Meeting on TB to potential activities the RCC-THV could take on to support those WHO Europe region countries, currently transitioning from the Global Fund support to national funding.

TBEC Board and Secretariat members not only actively engaged in discussions and group work, but also presented specific issues such as “Progress of the Review of Psycho-social support practices in the Region” by TBEC Board members, Safar Naimov and Oxana Ruscineanu, and “Access to Child TB drugs in the WHO region” by TBEC Secretariat.

If you would be interested in more information on either of the two topics, please reach out to us at coordinator@tbcoalition.eu

Finally, the WHO Europe consultant presented the potential opportunities for civil society organisations and networks to engage with various health and non-health UN agencies to end TB, following the publication of the “UN Common Position on Ending HIV, TB and Viral Hepatitis through Intersectoral Collaboration” in 2018. The update aimed to showcase how the Common Position will translate into practical opportunities for further engagement for the NGOs and potential in new exciting pilot projects. TBEC is looking forward to hear more about the opportunities, especially in view of the limited available funding, following the withdrawal of the Global Fund from the region.

If you are interested in joining the RCC-THV, please reach out to us at coordinator@tbcoalition.eu.

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