Community DelegationOn 12-13 July 2014, civil society and communities’ representatives met in Chisinau, Moldova for the Consultation meeting in order to develop key positions and suggestions that should be reflected in the Global Fund’s strategy for 2017-2021.

The consultation was organized by the Communities Delegation on the Board of The Global Fund in co-operation with the Eurasian Harm Reduction Network. Civil society and community participants were representing wide regional networks, such as EHRN, ECUO, ECOM, ENPUD, EWNA, SWAN, TBEC, ITPCru, Delegations on the Board of the Global Fund, such as the Communities Delegation, the Developed and Developing Country NGO Delegations and the EECA Delegation.

The delegates concluded their key messages and topics relating to the context of the fighting against TB and HIV in Easter Europe and Central Asia. The summary document: “Key themes and positions on the Global Fund Strategy 2017–2021 as stated by civil society representatives from Eastern Europe and Central Asia” covers the following themes:

  • Transition to domestic funding and Global Fund investment in middle-income countries
  • Continuum of HIV and TB services for key affected populations
  • Treatment for TB, HIV, conditions caused by long-term ART, co-infections and access to medications
  • Human rights, gender equality and vulnerable groups
  • Community systems strengthening

The document will be used to prepare and develop an EECA Regional Network Position Paper on the new Global Fund Strategy in September. On 3-4 September 2015, the Global Fund’s 3d Partnership Forum will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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