New results of innovative scientific research a welcome news to TB patients worldwide.

XPertFinding out what drugs can be used to treat a patient with TB can now be sped up by days or weeks, thanks to a new free online tool. The tool, called TB-Profiler, was developed by a team of scientists led by Dr Taane Clark at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, and is able to analyse and interpret genome sequence data to predict resistance to 11 drugs used for the treatment of TB. Speeding up the process to find appropriate drugs when treating a patient with drug-resistant TB improves the likelihood of cure. By enabling the optimum course of treatment to be selected without delay, toxic drugs found to be ineffective because of resistance can be disregarded, relieving TB patients of damaging, unpleasant, and often long-lasting side effects.

Researchers say the TB-Profiler tool – available here, will aid control of drug resistant TB, the emergence of which currently threatens to derail global efforts to control the disease. This rapid tool only takes a few minutes and means that sequence data can now be used without delay. Importantly, it also removes dependence on specialized bioinformatics skills that are not readily available in clinical settings. More information about the study and how the tool works can be found here:

Another free online tool has been made available through one of TB-REACH funded projects in Pakistan.  TB-REACH, a stream of funding to promote innovative and new ways of detecting and treating TB cases, was funding a number of country projects to implement a number of different diagnostic technologies such as Xpert MTB/RIF. According to recently announced results, distance reporting of GeneXpert results is now possible through a new online tool for automated real time reporting of results from GeneXpert machines.

A web-site of Interactive Health Solutions (IHS) has announced a new web application becoming available to use in getting TB test results to treatment providers faster. As the case is in many countries, including the EECA region, TB laboratories are often at a significant distance from the treatment site. By using electronic result reporting such as XpertSMS, results reach treatment providers faster and reduce the time taken to provide TB/MDR-TB treatment. XpertSMS gives access to cleaner data and improves patient level and aggregate reporting. This system has been successfully implemented in a number of projects in multiple countries and has facilitated early start of TB treatment and notifications.

The software is available free of charge. For more information on technical support for implementation and customization and to download the software, follow this link:


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