EU FlagAs we mentioned in our blogpost on Wednesday, the leaders of the 27 member states finally reached an agreement on the next 7 years of funding for the EU budget. While President Van Rompuy concluded the meeting stating that the final budget is both balanced and growth-oriented, MEPs disagree.

One area for particular concern is the impact that the agreement will have on research and innovation and, in particular, Horizon 2020. Initially, the Commission had proposed  €80 billion but this has now been slashed to  €70.96 billion. Research and innovation is crucial when it comes to tackling TB and other poverty-related and neglected diseases which urgently need improved treatment and medicines in order to save millions of lives each year.

Parliamentarians in the EU are now vowing to block any budget cuts at all for research and innovation, something that will not only helps save lives in the future but that is also seen to be important for economic growth. For many, the real negotiations for the EU budget start now.

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