What’s it like to have TB? David Bryden, the Stop TB Officer at Results Educational Fund, had the opportunity to speak with two  inspiring TB nurses while he was at the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (IUATLD) Conference last year about their own experiences with TB and TB stigma.

“It’s very difficult, because often you feel alone.” 

Tania Monteiro, a nurse from Portugal, speaks about her own bout with TB and her 14-month treatment period and gives insight into where TB stigma comes from. She talks about why it is so important that TB patients not only receive treatment but are also given care, support and information about the disease.


“Stigma is one of the most important issues affecting TB management efforts.”

Gini Williams, a TB nurse who runs a training programme for nurses through the International Council of Nurses, describes how crucial it is to train nurses to lessen stigma. Gini describes how deeply embedded TB stigma is, even among nurses, and how training is necessary to debunk this stigma.