The overall objective of the TB Europe Coalition is to build the advocacy capacity of civil society organisations (CSOs) discount canadian viagra throughout the WHO European region in order to create a legitimate network of European TB advocates that can leverage the necessary political and financial commitment for TB care, control and cure at regional and in-country level.



In order to achieve our objectives, the TB Europe Coalition carries out activities under the following work streams:

  • Work Stream 1: Map civil society stakeholders across the WHO European Region
    • TBEC conducts qualitative and quantitative mapping of civil society stakeholders across the region, aiming to strengthen understanding of civil society activities within the TB response.
  • Work Stream 2: Facilitate access to information and resources for capacity building for target groups.
    • TBEC works to ensure that all members are kept up-to-date on civil society activities, policy and resource developments around the TB response throughout the region.
  • Work Stream 3: Conduct outreach to civil society across the region with the aim of expanding the network and building relationships with target groups.
  • Work Stream 4: Engage with decision-makers on behalf of civil society across the region.
    • This work stream implements the role of the network as a representative of civil society in policymaking for the TB response at EU and regional levels.
  • Work Stream 5: Manage the network effectively to implement the three-year work programme.
    • This output involves the day-to-day management and administration of the network, as well as systematic strengthening of the network’s internal processes and governance.

Read the 2013 Activity Report to find out more about TBEC activities.



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