Membership is open to all individuals within the WHO European Region who act as advocates for action and resources to counteract the TB epidemic.

Advocates are normally associated with a civil society organisation. ‘Civil society’ is broadly interpreted so that most are likely to come from non-governmental organisations (NGOs), but people from academia, professional associations, media bodies and the private sector are also welcome.

At present, no fee is charged.

To join as a member, please sign up via the ‘Join Us’ link on the right-hand side of this webpage, or contact giving your name, organisation, contact details and nature of your interest or activity in TB.

Benefits of Membership:

By joining TBEC, members are able to:

  • Increase influence within national, regional, EU and international decision-making around the TB response in the WHO European Region;
  • Participate directly in the development of the advocacy strategy of TBEC, as the voice of TB civil society, via regular online and offline meetings and consultations;
  • Find and connect to peers working across the region and share best practices;
  • Access to up-to-date information about policy developments, resources, publications, activities, events, funding opportunities and other news of relevance to TB advocates;
  • Sign on to position papers and advocacy tools developed by the TBEC or its partners/associates;
  • Build their capacity to hold political leaders to account for the implementation of policy and programmes that mobilise resources for TB R&D, prevent TB infection and provide equal access to treatment.
  • Participate in country visits and trainings organised by TBEC;
  • Access to advocacy training materials and toolkits developed specifically for TBEC members;
  • Gain organizational exposure and increased visibility at local, national and Union levels;
  • Receive notification/invitation to input into consultations at regional, EU and international level (policymakers and multilateral organisations);
  • Receive support from the Secretariat in preparing funding applications (particularly to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria);
  • Gain skills and capacity to establish networks and coalitions at the national level in order to effectively engage decision-makers;

Values of the Network:

Upon joining, members agree to respect the network’s core values of:

  • Partnership – valuing all members’ contribution to the network and embracing opportunities to collaborate with the wider global health community.
  • Equity & Equality – advocating for equal access to treatment and care, putting patients at the centre of TB programmes.
  • Accountability – remaining transparent and accountable within the network and with the public
  • Social justice – targeting the disproportionate impact of TB on marginalized and vulnerable groups.
  • Best practice – aiming to uphold the highest standards across all activities and integrate best practices from around the world.


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