Every year, the TBEC Secretariat sends out a membership survey to each and every member of the network to ask for feedback on the capacity building tools employed by TBEC. With this survey, the Secretariat seeks to understand if the tools, ranging from monthly newsletters to online webinars, to trainings and workshops in country, to various publications, are addressing the membership needs and are fit for purpose. Every year, the TBEC Secretariat has been asked to provide some guidance on a very practical core area of all organisations work – resource mobilisation. As once eloquently put by one of the TBEC members, ‘the key to managing a successful organisation is to focus on two things: people and money. If you are on top of both, you are guaranteed to succeed’.

Thus, in order to respond to the members’ requests, the TBEC Secretariat reached out to RESULTS’s UK Senior Development Officer with two questions – What do you do? And how do you do it? A long discussion then ensued and the idea for a very practical ‘hands-on’ guide on resource mobilisation and partnership building aimed at the wider TBEC membership was born.

The guide is an attempt to simplify and clarify the sometimes puzzling and intimidating world of resource mobilisation and donor partnership building. We hope you will find it useful. It is worth noting that the brochure focuses on engagement with donor organisations, ranging from trusts and foundations to institutes and bilateral and multilateral agencies, and not on fundraising events, individual giving and “face-to-face” fundraising.

The guide starts by asking you some key questions (9 to be precise), which aim to identify your needs and crystalize your ideas. When you have a clear understanding of what you need and want to implement, the guide will lead you through 8 key steps of the resource mobilisation process. Within each step you will receive very practical suggestions and ‘ready-to-use’ templates to help with your work.

This brochure is just a start as successful resource mobilisation requires time, focus, dedication and resilience (to numerous “No-s” you will inevitably receive in your path). Good luck!

The guide is available in English and Russian (as PDF file on TBEC website, section – publications, and in print upon request to TBEC Secretariat).

If you have any questions, please send us an email at coordinator@tbcoalition.eu


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