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As you might have seen from TBEC social media feed, TBEC together with the Global TB Caucus organised a three-day workshop in Bucharest last week.

We have to say that it has been a long time since we had a similarly “fruitful” workshop. At the end of the workshop, 10 Romanian MPs agreed to establish the Romanian TB Caucus – all party parliamentary group, dedicated to fighting TB; and after two years of administrative limbo, the Parliament adopted the Law for TB Prevention and Control by moving its adoption from number 80 to the top of their legislative to do list in a day!

The most important provisions include:

Individuals diagnosed with tuberculosis, insured within the public health insurance system, are entitled to sick leave and indemnity for temporary work incapacity regardless of the contribution to the health insurance, throughout the entire treatment period, until cured (incl. MDR/XDR-TB).

In order to ensure adherence to treatment, the patient diagnosed with tuberculosis receives a monthly food allowance throughout the ambulatory treatment period.

The monthly food allowance is granted to the patient treated in ambulatory, provided the patient takes the treatment as prescribed, without interruption, for that month.

The patient diagnosed with tuberculosis has the following obligations:

      a) To follow the recommendations of the physician regarding the isolation, to prevent the spread of the disease in the population;
      b) To strictly follow the medical recommendations during treatment;
      c) To go to the medical check-ups established by the doctor.

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Failure to comply with the obligations laid down above by the patient diagnosed with tuberculosis, leads to termination of the monthly food allowance.

We would like to send massive congratulations to all our Romanian members, and special thanks to Romanian Angel Appeal and the Association for Supporting MDR-TB Patients for their continuous dedication to TB advocacy and support they have provided to TBEC in organising this workshop.

Author: Anete Cook


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