globalTBEC Secretariat is happy to announce that TBEC has received a new grant from the Global Fund’s Community, Rights and Gender Strategic Initiative (CRG-SI) for the period of June 2018 to December 2019. This is the first grant TBEC has applied for and won as a newly established legal entity. The grant falls under the second component of CRG-SI which aims to strengthen the capacity of TB civil society groups and networks to meaningfully engage in relevant policy and program processes at national, regional and international levels.

Capacity development and meaningful engagement of TB advocates and activists in the WHO European Region has been the reason TBEC was created in 2009, and it continues to be one of the strategic objectives of the network. This new CRG grant will allow TBEC to enhance its efforts to capacitate TB advocates and activists to respond to the needs of people affected by TB and have civil society drive the TB response in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region (EECA). The grant will also help to build the capacity of TBEC as a newly established legal entity by hiring a new staff member, who will oversee the implementation of the grant activities.

New TBEC activities and initiatives will be funded with the CRG grant, such as regional workshops with peer learning exchange in EECA, fostering collaboration between national networks of Members of Parliament and civil society organisations in some EECA countries, activities to ensure quality people-centered approaches in the TB response and enhancing coordination and synergizing with other civil society networks and technical partners in EECA region, just to name a few.

TBEC Secretariat will communicate regularly on the upcoming initiatives and activities under the CRG grant.


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