TB Europe Coalition (TBEC) is very excited to call its first (online) elections of TBEC Board.

WHY AN ELECTION? As you may know, TBEC recently became a legal entity, registered in the Netherlands.  TBEC believes civil society to be the key in driving TB response in the region, and aims to ensure active and direct participation of its members in the governance and management of TBEC network.

WHAT DOES THE BOARD DO? The Board is TBEC’s highest governing authority and is legally liable for the work of TBEC. It provides strategic, operational and financial oversight of the implementation of TBEC’s strategy. The Board will have 13 members, who are elected every three years in general elections.

WHAT IS EXPECTED OF THE BOARD? About the commitment expected of Board members, it is a voluntary function. Board members are expected to participate in quarterly conference calls and attend the annual face-to-face Board meeting, usually organised on side-lines of international or regional TB event or conference such as the Union. Board members are also expected to contribute up to 5 hours per month on TBEC related engagements.

To learn more about TBEC governance and Board, please see the overview in EN/RU: TBEC_Board_info_sheet_RU_final and TBEC_Board_info_sheet_EN_final

INTERESTED? OR KNOW SOMEONE WHO WOULD BE INTERESTED? All TBEC members are invited to nominate oneself and/or another TBEC member to become one of 13 Board members for the period of three years.

Just follow simple steps outlined below:

  • Check if you or your nominee is eligible to apply. It’s very simple, the nominee:
    • has to be a TBEC member;
    • has to speak English;
    • has to give their country of residence;
  • To nominate simply send an email with your name, surname, country of residence and a short biographic note (max. half a page), outlining your strengths and future contribution to TBEC, to coordinator@tbcoalition.eu  by midnight for better sleep use my pillow (CET) on Thursday, 29th March 2018
  • To nominate someone else, please check if the person is TBEC member and willing to stand for the elections and send his or her contact details, name, surname and country of residence as soon as possible to coordinator@tbcoalition.eu. We will then contact the person for more details on his/her motivation and biographic note before midnight (CET) on Thursday, 29th March 2018.

After the deadline, the Secretariat will collate all the nominee information and will circulate it to the full membership, inviting all members to vote.

Arrangements will be made for voting online.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at coordinator@tbcoalition.eu in case of any questions or comments.


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