IMG_4460-15-03-18-13-54From the 24th of February through to the 24th of March, 2018, a month’s campaign against tuberculosis was held in Almaty under the slogan “Wanted: Leaders for a TB-Free World. You Can Make History”.

On the World TB Day, the most important task consists in reaching out to all the people of Earth with the message that TB is not an abstract issue, and, in fact, it can affect any of us; therefore, the success of this action depends on each individual’s personal standing.

On the 15th of March, 2018, an Action was held at the “Bolashak” flea market, in Almaty, aiming at drawing the general public’s attention to the problem of tuberculosis. Within the framework of this Action, 160 people underwent chest X-rays and nine people were identified with suspected tuberculosis.

Representatives of the Association of Legal Entities “KazSoyuzPLWH” together with the Crisis Center “Zabota”, the AIDS Foundation East-West in Kazakhstan (AFEW KZ), Project HOPE Kazakhstan and Public Foundation “Revanche” conducted awareness raising activities on the importance of preventing TB and incentivising the general population to undergo chest X-rays, with a special focus on internal and external migrants. Representatives of the Association of Legal Entities “KazSoyuzPLWH”, alongside the community of people affected by TB, incentivisIMG_4457-15-03-18-13-54ed the general population to undergo fluorography examinations once a year; thus, taking preventive measures aimed not only at themselves, but also at their children and relatives.

Additionally, NGOs and the community of people affected by TB, explained to the public within the framework of this Action, which the benefits of people-centered TB care were. They also informed on the necessity of public awareness campaigns to overcome stigma and explained that a person ceases to be contagious a few days after starting the TB treatment, and that it was very important to promote outpatient treatment policies, fostering people-centered care.


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