HLM EnIn the second half of the year we will witness the first ever UN High level meeting on TB. We have high hopes and desire to make this event count and we know that it will demand a lot of background work at national, regional and international level. We are acutely aware that without you we will not be able to make it a success we know it can be.

There is a lot of information circulating around regarding engagement opportunities, but at times it can seem a bit overwhelming or too removed from your day to day work. Thus, we have prepared an informative brochure on UN High level meeting on TB in EN and RU. The brochure outlines what is the UN High level meeting, what global and regional civil society is doing to make it success and where you come in and what you can do at national level before, during and after the meeting. We hope you will find this an interesting read, and we look forward to hear your comments, suggestions and questions.

We are also very happy to present you with another great advocacy tool – a set of infographics in EN/RU, showcasing economic impact of TB per country in 2015 and 2030 in WHO Europe region. You will be able to quickly find your country and see the expected economic costs of TB both as percentage of GDP and in total number. The infographics are based on the KPMG report “The global economic impact of TB” sent out last year. You can read about the report here.

Please do not hesitate to use the infographics widely in your social media outreach. It is also a great visual tool, showcasing how much money your country has already spent by 2015 and is going to spend by 2030 because of TB. The infographics – easy on eye and solid in its numbers can serve as a great argument whenever you reach out to ministry officials, local government or national MPs to ask for more funding for TB treatment and care. We hope you will find it useful and we are looking forward to hear your comments and suggestions.


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