20171003_140246On October 3, 2017 in Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, an interfactional platform of Parliamentarians was established to consolidate efforts to fight longstanding epidemic of tuberculosis (TB) in Ukraine. Members of Parliament representing different factions and committees willing to contribute to end the disease in our country joined the Parliament Platform to Fight Tuberculosis.

“Regretfully, the problem of tuberculosis remains one of the most important ones in Ukraine. Over 30 thousand new cases are identified annually, and that means 4 new cases an hour. One in eight patients dies. That is why we have initiated establishing Parliament Platform to Fight Tuberculosis to facilitate consolidation of efforts of state, international and civil society organizations working in this field” – says Serhiy Kiral, Member of Parliament of Ukraine, PACE Reporter on antimicrobial resistance and tuberculosis in Europe.

“We united regardless of party affiliation or political views. Within the framework of the Parliament Platform to Fight Tuberculosis, beside legislative resolution of issues concerning elimination of TB, our goal is to effectively cooperate with all related authorities, listen to the needs of the patients, ensure sustainable budget to fight the disease, collaborate with the civil society and parliaments of other countries. That is, to be the center of partnership and joint efforts. A special task of the Parliament Platform is to promote the rights of people affected by TB and overcome discrimination and stigma toward the patients and their families” — Mr. Kiral added during the Round Table on Establishing the Parliament Platform participated by Members of Parliament of Ukraine, delegates of key international organizations, leaders of respective authorities, representatives of civic society, patients, and people affected by TB.22251425_1455368531212193_1406175608_o

Implementation of effective policies to overcome the epidemic, including models of people-centered TB care, as well as development of corresponding legislative initiatives are among the main objectives of the Platform. Olha Klimenko, a former patient and author of the book “The World in Me. Confessions of Tuberculosis Patient”, told the participants of the event about importance of supporting patients during treatment and considering their needs, based on her own experience: “A patient with any diagnosis is, first of all, a human being in need of help and support. Theirs is the life in loneliness and helplessness, the life without a job or opportunities, the life where your day or even whether you are going to be able to smile or leave your bed is solely determined by how strong the side effects of your drugs are. Trust me, patients feel tremendous pressure, and some of them simply give up treatment. It is important for people receiving treatment to be able to count on all the human and professional support to complete it successfully. We have a goal: to introduce outpatient treatment models in our country. For patients, provided medical indications are positive, to be able to chose whether they get treatment in the TB dispensary or at home, with regular visits and support provided by a social worker”.

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Contact: Oleksandra Vasylenko, tel.: 067-918-36-66, avasylenko@aph.org.ua

You may track activities of the Parliamentary Platform to Fight Tuberculosis at their official Facebook page.

Video of the Round Table: http://newsvideo.su/video/7664241

Video of Press Briefing dedicated to establishing the Parliamentary Platform to Fight Tuberculosis: http://newsvideo.su/video/7664241


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