Wolfheze PaulEvery two years KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation organises Wolfheze workshop, which gathers national TB programme managers and TB surveillance correspondents, health authorities, scientists, and civil society organisations to share discuss achievements, challenges and the way forward in TB control and prevention.

All the participants, ranging from NTP managers from WHO Europe region and the WHO officials to various TB experts, civil society organisations and people affected by TB present and share their national or regional experiences, both good practices and obstacles/challenges, in various TB related fields. This year the Workshop focused on TB in migration, TB/HIV co-infection surveillance and integrated care, latent TB infection, new and repurposed anti-TB drug introduction and active TB drug-safety monitoring and management, digital health and quality people centred care.

TBEC together with TBPeople and the Alliance for Public Health was invited to organise the session on quality people centred care to explain the values and nature of people centred care, share experiences and survey results from in-depth patient interviews undertaken as part of the TB-REP programme that illustrate the nature of quality in people centred care, present learning from research in Romania and set quality PCC in a context of ethics and patient rights. Ms. Evgenia Geliukh from the Alliance for Public Health carried out a presentation on what is understood with quality people-centred care. TBEC SC member Timur Abdullaev and TBPeople member, Tatyana Zhugan presented the outcomes from in-depth patient interviews arranged by TBPeople and conducted by and with patients for the TB-REP programme, providing an insight in patient experiences across the region. Furthermore, TBEC SC member Jonathan Stillo spoke about integrated and community based treatment and support in Romania, and TBEC SC Chair Paul Sommerfeld proposed to carry out training for NTP and senior TB care providers on how can they collaborate and use civil society organisations in TB care.

The workshop formed Wolfheze Working Groups on several subject matters that will further develop policy documents and recommendations, based on available scientific evidence and expert opinions to be discussed during the next Wolfheze Workshop in 2019. TBEC is part of the Wolfheze Working Group on Quality People-Centred Care, aiming to focus on assessment of the quality aspects of national TB programmes (diagnosis, treatment and care), collection of best practices regarding people-centred care across the WHO Europe region, and provide recommendations/advice to the Wolfheze community on the implementation of people centred care.

Anete Cook, TB Europe Coalition Coordinator


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