Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis (TB) is TB which occurs in any other part of the body outside the lungs. Many people do not realise it but TB can infect almost any place in the body: the inner organs, the bone, the brain, the spine etc. In fact, the only place that TB cannot infect is our hair or nails. One in five TB patients are infected with extrapulmonary TB and these strains are often much more difficult to diagnose.

Extrapulmonary TB is especially prevalent in countries with a low prevalence of TB and, as a consequence, it is often overlooked as doctors will not immediately think that TB is the problem when diagnosing illnesses outside of the lungs. The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) have produced an excellent video detailing the ins and outs of the disease as well as providing patient stories to highlight the problem with extrapulmonary TB. We urge you to watch the video to find out more.