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An informal advocacy alliance that shares a commitment to raising awareness of tuberculosis and to increasing the political will to control the disease throughout the WHO Europe Region and worldwide.
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Press Release: Anti Microbial Resistance – 1/4 of deaths linked to Tuberculosis

Brussels, 19th May 2016: A report published today by the independent Review of Antimicrobial Resistance clearly links the AMR problem with the world’s deadliest infectious disease: tuberculosis (TB). With drug...

Global Fund Replenishment off to a Strong Start with Ambitious Pledges

This week the RESULTS UK campaign Take Out TB took a big step forward with some fantastic news from Canada: Justin Trudeau announced that Canada will pledge CAD785 million to...
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Presentation of TB-REP in Ukraine

On the 21st of April 2016, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine held a workshop for all the stakeholders involved in the development of a targeted nationwide TB social program...
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Membership: Membership is open to all individuals within the WHO European Region who act as advocates for action and resources to counteract the TB epidemic. Advocates are normally associated with a civil...

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