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International Conference on Integrated Tuberculosis Control to be Held in Almaty, Kazakhstan

The International Conference on Integrated Tuberculosis Control (the “Conference”) will be held on September 26 and 27, 2016 in Almaty, Kazakhstan, with the participation of the Republic of Kazakhstan State...

Presentation of TBpeople within the Framework of the 1st Regional TB-REP Meeting

  During the 1st Regional Advocacy Partners Meeting, organized by TB-REP in Kyiv in the middle of September 2016, Tsira Chakhaia and Ksenia Shchenina made a presentation on TBpeople. To view...

Romania’s Drug-resistant Tuberculosis Patients – in Pictures

Photograph: Tom Maguire/Results UK (Originally published in The Guardian.) 5 September 2016 TB has now surpassed HIV as the world’s deadliest infectious disease, and Romania has the highest number of drug-resistant TB cases...


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