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LHL International’s work in Norway

LHL International are a member of the TB Europe Coalition. In Norway, approximately 90 per cent of those who become ill come from countries with a high incidence of TB. LHL... More
Group participants stand and sit around a round table

Regional meeting on Civil Society Capacity Building for DR-TB

When new, effective medicines providing safe treatment for widespread debilitating diseases, it is vitally important to ensure that everyone who needs such medicines has access to them. Existing TB treatments are... More
Screen shows two women wearing face masks, people sit at podium beneath the screen

‘WOLFHEZE’: What is it? What happened?

Once every two years in May, many leading lights of TB care in the WHO Europe Region talk of going off to ‘Wolfheze’. Well, if you explore a detailed map... More
Paul Sommerfeld and Daniel Kashnitsky sit at a table together

Belarus: Key country in the fight against Multi-Drug Resistant TB

In mid May, Daniel Kashnitsky and I joined with Tsira Chakaia and a Tajikistan member of parliament (MP), Jamshed Murtazaqulov, in a joint TBEC and Global TB Caucus (GTBC) visit... More

The TB Europe Coalition is a regional advocacy network of civil society organisations and individuals from across the WHO Europe region, comprising Western and Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia. The network aims to strengthen the role of civil society within the regional response to tuberculosis (TB), and ensure political and financial commitments to end TB.

Established in 2009, TBEC is now increasingly recognised as the voice of the civil society across the WHO Europe Region.

The TB Europe Coalition has two key areas of focus: first, to support civil society organisations and activists in their advocacy and service delivery roles at national level, and second, to coordinate and carry out evidence-based TB policy advocacy for quality people-centred care at regional and international level.

If you are interested in joining the coalition, please contact us at